Grandma’s Cabin is a special legacy

Grandma’s Cabin is a special legacy from a grandmother to her daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It has its own warm history and fun-filled memories for our family. We want to extend this same memorable experience for your own Yellowstone vacation with family, Yellowstone Country weekend-getaway with your friends, wedding anniversary or special honeymoon with your loved one, or even if you are just passing through. Our family invites yours to come and stay us!

Grandma’s Legacy

  • Remember to look in the small room upstairs to learn about Grandma’s Grizzly Bear Story!
  • Can you find the antlers where Grandpa used to hang his hat?
  • Sit on the deck and quietly listen to the birds.
  • Get up early in the morning, and look for deer in the pasture or moose in the front yard.
  • Sit in the love seat where Grandma used to tell us stories!
  • Enjoy early morning breakfast in the sun on the deck.